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Friday, July 27, 2012

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

It's been a few months now since we updated our master bedroom with some pretty molding to give it a more chic and finished feeling...

And although the moulding is fabulous, the mirror was a crucial piece in pulling it all together.  The unfortunate part is that it was a placeholder mirror that I stole from our living room:

Because the mirror looked so good in both locations, and because it was only $25 bucks from Target, I really, really considered multiple times just going and snagging another.  But that is lazy and cheating and I kept asking myself, "Do I really want two of the same mirror in my house?"  Yawn...

So, for a few months now, our bedroom has been mirror-less...

I was looking for something about 24" wide and in an orb finish to really tie in with the chandelier and pop against the wall.  And of course I can never seem to find what I am looking for when I want a few months had come and gone.  Then, one day I was perusing around my local HomeGoods and one of the first places I head to is the mirror department {after drooling over their storage items along the way}.  That is where I spotted it.  The solution for our blank bedroom wall!  It wasn't the right color but it was the right size, and it was on clearance for $20 so into the cart it went!

I really liked the gold edges, but it just wasn't right in the room, and I knew that I wanted a darker, more dramatic finish.  So as you can see, I whipped out the handy painters tape {and an exacto knife to create clean edges}...

I found the ORB metallic paint at Home Depot, it had primer built in, so it was a winner for this gal!

Two quick coats, a day to dry and I was ready to slap that lovely lady up on the wall!

Smitten doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about the new mirror!

The black really looks nice and dramatic against the walls and was the key to pulling everything together.  In fact, I adore this one more than the original from the living room, so I am glad I held out until I found just the right one.

Is there a piece of furniture or accessory that you are holding out on, until you find just the right one?  Who else has been having fun with spray paint lately?

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